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Meet Our Team!

KHsquared is owned and operated by Katie and Kailin Hermes. The happy couple met in high school and became good friends and started dating years later. Together ever since, the two are inseparable.

Married in 2016, the two were surprised with a impossible pregnancy just 4 months later. Due to the difficult and dangerous circumstances surrounding the pregnancy they moved in with her parents to help with the pregnancy. To help with the financial strain, Katie decided to start baking from home and selling at local Farmers Markets. The business took off like a rocket and started gaining a loyal and enthusiastic following. 

Their ability to cater to many different dietary restrictions has garnered them a reputation for being a white knight for many a person who hadn't been able to enjoy baked goods before.

With the help of their families, they have been able to take their dream of sweets for all and turn it into a reality.

Our Baking Philosophy

We know what it's like to have food allergies better than most. We know people who have Celiac, Crohn's, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance, Soy and Peanut allergies, and that's just to name a few! Most of those people are actually dear friends and family members.


So, to make sure that everyone could enjoy birthdays and holidays, we set out to find a way to bake for the masses... ALL the masses. Using some of the freshest ingredients and unique flavor combinations around we guarantee our customers receive not only long denied treats but ones that you can't get anywhere else! We're constantly working on new recipes and designs to surprise and enrapture our customers and love seeing their reactions to our creations.


We advertise our products as allergy sensitive, so while our products may not contain certain allergens, they are produced in a kitchen that those allergens are stored. If you have any further questions/comments/concerns or would like to suggest some awesome flavor combinations to us please contact us here.

Katie Hermes
Baker and Decorator

Katie first started baking at a young age beside her mom on Thanksgiving pies. 27 years later and she's still hooked. Enhancing her skills daily she is the brains behind the whole operation. 

Kailin Hermes
Baker and Heavylifting

Kailin is a great help in the kitchen. A perfect partner, he knows just what someone needs before they even voice it. Never afraid to do the dirty work or heavy lifting make him invaluable to the operation.

Pat Hornsby
Kim Sharp

Where would we be without supportive mothers? Luckily we will never have to wonder that ourselves. Whether its pulling an all nighter on a cake, babysitting, or helping out at an event in high heat these two always have our backs.

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